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Referrals and Appointments

Most NC State Hospital services work on a referral-only basis.

Step 1: Referral

Animal owners should first see their veterinarians if they have a health concern about their animal. Together you and your veterinarian can decide if a referral to an NC State Veterinary hospital specialist is in order and is responsible for submitting a referral request with the appropriate Hospital service.

Effective as of February 15, 2023, the Radiation Oncology service requires a 24 – 48 hours notice of cancellation of all appointments, in order to not incur a missed appointment fee. You may notify us by email: or a phone call to the Front Desk at 919-513-6690
Thank you for your understanding.

Step 2: Appointment

Once your veterinarian has referred your animal’s case to the Hospital, you can contact the service directly and make an appointment. Phone numbers for our services are listed on individual service pages along with instructions on what you can expect during your appointment and what you should be prepared to bring with you or ensure that the Hospital experts have in advance of your appointment.

Referral Preferred or No Referral Required Services

A few services allow animal owners to contact them directly. They include: