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Veterinary MRI 

The NC State Veterinary MRI Service exists to provide highly efficient and organized imaging for both inpatients and outpatients as part of the complete services offered through the College.


From initial consult with the NC State Veterinary Hospital specialty services, or referral from specialists in the greater Raleigh area, it is our mission to provide the highest-level care to our clients and patients, while maintaining the highest standards in image quality, pain management, anesthetic management, and client communication.

Our Specialties

  • Offer outpatient MR Imaging by consulting and coordinating with referring veterinarians and clients for select, stable referral cases. We are here to organize any and all details to ensure that your pets’ anesthesia and MRI is completed smoothly and efficiently, and provide results to your veterinarian as fast as possible.
  • For less stable and/or critical cases, referral through primary hospital services may be required.
  • Provide state-of-the-art anesthetic monitoring and management of small and large animals requiring MR Imaging.
  • Consults with directly with inpatient services including Emergency, Neurology, Surgery to coordinate seamless patient care as they transition to and from the MRI Service.

Appointments and Referrals

We operate on a referral basis, with the patient’s primary veterinarian referring them to the NC State Veterinary MRI.

Referring veterinarians should submit a Veterinarian Referral Request form or fax to (919-513-8838) along with all pertinent medical records. If an in-person appointment is desired, please note on the referral form and a client service representative will call to schedule the 30 minute appointment.

The NC State Veterinary MRI only accepts American Society of Anesthesiologist Status I & II patients for outpatient referral. Upon receiving referral information and medical records as outlined below, an ASA determination will be made by the Anesthesiologist. For optimal medical care and patient management, ASA III – V patients must be referred through primary VH services (e.g. Neurology, Internal Medicine, etc).

American Animal Hospital Association Preanesthetic Evaluation

Human ASA Physical Status Classification System

In order to have the best chance of getting a complete diagnostic workup done in one day, we strongly encourage that a Veterinarian Referral Request form” and pertinent medical records be faxed to our office a minimum of 24 hours before the patient is scheduled for imaging.  This gives our anesthesiologist the maximum amount of information so that anesthesia is planned safely and thoroughly.