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Poultry Mobile Veterinary Services

The NC State poultry mobile service allows individual health assessment and treatment as well as evaluation of the flock and the environment, right where birds live.

Flock of chickens to be inspected by NC State Veterinary Hospital Mobile Poultry Service


Our team offers a thorough review and will work with you regarding any concerns that you have for the health of your flock.

We provide behavioral counseling (eg. Cannibalism) and consultations on nutrition and production. We also evaluate best farm practices and provide disease prevention guidelines for the specific farm.

What We Provide

  • On-site farm visits
  • Consultation services
  • Review and advice on management practices
  • Diagnostic testing: on the farm or at the laboratory (depending on the test). A few examples of tests offered on site: blood chemistry, fecal testing, sample collection, field necropsy.
  • Medication and treatments, including laceration repairs, NC State clinic follow-ups

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Our Specialties

  • Farm assessment: Believe it or not, looking at your flock environment can give us a lot of information and help you prevent diseases. We assess feed, light, air, water, space, sanitation.
  • Physical exam
  • On-site fecal exam: We look for the types and proportions of bacteria and parasite that are in the gastrointestinal tract. Note:bacteria identification will be done at the lab.
  • Cultures: We can get samples from your bird(s) or the environment for culture, to help diagnose specific types of bacterial infections, and which types of antibiotics should be most effective.
  • Blood collection and testing: Bloodwork on site usually consists of a biochemistry panel. The biochemistry panel allows us to evaluate kidney and liver function, protein levels, and muscle damage. Blood can be collected for additional testing at the lab
  • Treatments, e.g. laceration repair, beak trimming, vaccination, bumble foot debridement, deworming, etc
  • Necropsy (on site or at the lab)


  • For individual bird emergency or flock management contact¬†NC State Exotic Animal Clinic¬†at 919-513-6999.
  • For flock emergency or suspect of foreign animal disease contact NC Dept. of Agriculture and Consumer Services, veterinary division, poultry health program