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Small Animal: Cancer Care/Oncology

Advanced diagnostics, world-leading treatment, and care.

Rabbit undergoes radiation treatment


At NC State, most cancer patients will be referred to see one of our three Oncology Services:

  • Medical Oncology: Medical Oncologists have expertise in general oncology, and the treatment of cancer using drug treatments, such as chemotherapy.  
  • Radiation Oncology: Radiation Oncologists specialize in the use of high energy radiation for treatment of cancer and cancer pain.
  • Surgical Oncology: Surgical Oncologists have special training in the use of surgery to biopsy and remove tumors.  

After getting a cancer diagnosis, your veterinarian may call upon one of the various services listed above to participate in your pet’s care. In addition to standard testing and/or treatment, many animal cancer patients may also be eligible to participate in clinical trials.

If you have questions about your pet’s eligibility for a clinical trial, please reach out to our clinical research team, and/or ask about it when you meet with one of our veterinarians.

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