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Cardiology: Holter Monitor Service

We provide pre-breeding and genetic cardiac health screening Holter monitoring services.

We do not offer Diagnostic 24hr/48hr or Recheck 24hr Holter services.

How to order a Holter:

  1. Fill out the request form for the service you would like
    Services Offered: Prebreeding, DCM Package, ARVC Package, RRIVA Package
  2. Submit payment online
  3. Forward payment confirmation email from to
  4. Lookout for a email that confirms delivery
  5. Follow instructions in the package to place Holter, fill out the diary, and return the package with the prepaid FedEx label
  6. Lookout for an email that we received the package
  7. Lookout for an email with the results

Thank you so much for using our service!

Please use the following information to help walk you through how to make an online payment for a Holter after submitting a request. Payment must be made BEFORE a Holter will be delivered.

Please make a credit card payment directly onto our Secure Payment site:

Please fill out the online payment form according to the following instructions:
Company Name: This Can Be Your Last, Kennel, or Clinic Name
Contact Name: Owner Name
Payment Purpose: Cardiac Genetics
Invoice Number: Cardiac Genetics
Payment Amount – Example: $150.00


Payment example

Once you have completed payment, forward a copy of the confirmation email you
receive from to

Holter Placement Instructions

Placement with a vest

Placement without a vest